Factory of the Future (Factory 2050) Conference

Factory of the Future (Factory 2050) Conference

Keith Ridgway and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center are starting to promote the Factory 2050 conference on March 25th and 26th 2015. The conference is sponsored by Bond Bryan Architects and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and they are expecting other high profile sponsors.

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They would like to make sure they make the best of the opportunity to promote the Region and the Advanced Manufacturing District as well as their manufacturing research expertise being built into the Factory of the Future, Factory 2050

Factory 2050 is more than just a factory containing robots. it is about the internal environment, technical impact, building design, skills, supply chain impact, culture and social impact.

They are particularly keen to get young researchers putting their ideas forward and are offering a 50% discount to encourage this.

Technical Manufacturing papers will be peer reviewed and published in a special Journal of Advanced Manufacturing, other papers will be published in the technical press and architectural and construction papers will be published in an appropriate journal

They will have a designated exhibition and demonstration area if anyone would like to promote their organisation